210: Why Most Detox Methods Are Dangerous & What to Do Instead With Dr. Shayne Morris

210: Why Most Detox Methods Are Dangerous & What to Do Instead With Dr. Shayne Morris


Why Most Detox Methods Are Dangerous and What to Do Instead With Dr. Shayne Morris

Why Most Detox Methods Are Dangerous and What to Do Instead With Dr. Shayne Morris

It’s no secret that our bodies are exposed daily to more chemicals and negative inputs than previous generations, by a large margin. Enter Dr. Shayne Morris, a biochemist and molecular biologist whose life’s work is how the body can achieve detox and rid itself of toxins at a cellular level.

Today, Dr. Morris will explain the biochemical channels that allow the body to detoxify, in a way we can understand, and why something called the endoplasmic reticulum is key to the whole process. I think this episode is going to dispel a lot of potentially dangerous misinformation on the topic of detoxification and really change how we think about supporting our body’s natural detox abilities.

Episode Highlights With Dr. Shayne Morris

  • Why present-day chemical exposure is unprecedented in human history
  • Whether fasting, smoothie diets, and other popular at-home detoxes really work
  • The difference between detox at a cellular level and more surface level systems
  • The 3 key phases of detoxification, and what the body does at each step
  • Why constant plastic exposure is harming us
  • How metals can be harmful and how we have to treat them differently than other things we detox from
  • Where mold and other natural toxins come in to play
  • The “waste treatment plant” of your cell and how to activate it
  • What zeolite is and why it can be so beneficial
  • Why the smooth endoplasmic reticulum is so important to true detoxification
  • How supplements like chlorella, chlorophyll, and glutathione can help
  • And more!

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Episode Quotables

The detoxification that’s been sensationalized are things like the 24-hour detox, or the “take this drink for 7 days and you’re gonna be better.” And I’m here to tell you that, to do true detoxification, you have to really work your way out of it like any other truly beneficial process, whether it be getting yourself to a healthy glycemic position, getting your cognitive function back to normal, getting your liver back in check, and so on. These are very, very difficult yet accomplishable tasks and we have to take them seriously because we now know there are ways to do this and it certainly shouldn’t be this get-fixed-quick scheme.

Have you ever tried a detox? Did it seem to help? Please post your questions and comments or leave a review on iTunes so we know what to cover next on the podcast!

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