233: Decoding Childhood Allergies and Letting Kids Get Dirty With Dr. Amy Shah

233: Decoding Childhood Allergies and Letting Kids Get Dirty With Dr. Amy Shah


Decoding Childhood Allergies and Letting Kids Get Dirty With Dr. Amy Shah

Decoding Childhood Allergies and Letting Kids Get Dirty With Dr. Amy Shah

Today I’m sitting down with Dr. Amy Shah, M.D., who is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. I’ve cited her work in at least a dozen articles on the blog and she’s quite simply a wealth of knowledge about all things health from both a holistic and a conventional perspective.

Besides taking my word for it, why should you take her advice? Well, how about being a double board-certified medical doctor who trained at Grinnell, Harvard, and Columbia! She also worked as a medical consultant in the past with Bobbie Brown, the makeup guru, and created an impressive line of health foods and supplements.

Dr. Amy is a key medical advisor for a company that I love, Genexa, which is the first natural pharmaceutical company. There’s so many topics we could cover, but today we decided to tackle childhood allergies, gut health, hormone balance, and so much more.

Take a listen and you’ll see why I can’t get enough of what Dr. Amy has to say!

Episode Highlights With Dr. Amy Shah

  • Some of the reasons childhood allergies are rising so drastically
  • The reason childhood allergies are doubling every year
  • A significant problem with the hygiene hypothesis
  • Why we all need more dirt exposure
  • The unexpected benefits of nature that can help our children
  • Why 85% of childhood illnesses are viruses and don’t need antibiotics
  • The science-backed reason that sleep and gut rest are the most effective healing tool
  • Why kids need to be allowed to get sick, especially in the first five years of life
  • Reasons why Dr. Amy doesn’t reduce a fever in her own kids
  • Practical tips for gut health
  • A reason to avoid antibacterial soap
  • Dr. Amy’s perspective on when to use antibiotics and when to skip them
  • Another major problem with plastics
  • Natural remedies every mom should have on hand
  • And more!

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